Imagine saving $3,150 on a $4,000 bicycle.

True story. Our founder paid $850 for his titanium road bike by being one of the first to see the ridiculously-low Buy It Now price and purchasing immediately.

notifyly made it possible.

Here's How it Works


Join and Create Searches

Once you sign up for notifyly, you'll be able to add up to 25 searches.

Searches can be based on keyword, category, condition, price range, buy it now, etc.


View Your Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you all new items since your last visit for all of your searches.

There are multiple views, so you can easily see what you want.


Find Deals and Save Big on eBay!

Showing only new items for all of your searches instantly means you can come back often.

And checking back often is how the best deals on eBay are found!

Some Wisdom on Finding Incredible Deals

We'll be honest - notifyly typically works best for searching for used items. The reason being that notifyly is all about finding the best deals, and the best deals (such as a bicycle worth $4,000 for $850) on eBay are usually on used items.

notifyly works especially well for items with low Buy It Now prices, or rare items. It's just like a yard sale - people often don't realize the value of what they're selling, so they sell at a low price. Finding these deals shortly after they pop up is key, and they'll often disappear in the first thirty minutes of being posted.

And that's where notifyly comes in. Making it easy and fast to check back on all your eBay item searches often allows you to find these deals.


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Just $5.

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